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Four titles now available to read online:

and Other Stories
by H Jathar Salij

A new printing of Salij's Shadow Play and Other Stories , originally published 30+ years ago, comes with a new title and some revisions of this set of ten stories set in  Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

by RJ Huddy

It's 1980, and as the Soviet Empire is making a last-gasp attempt to exert itself in Afghanistan, two American teachers—Jack E. Robinson and Nigel Peterson—arrive in Saudi Arabia and learn the meaning of "think globally, act locally."

The lush mix of travelogue and storytelling is evident again as RJ Huddy takes you to Saudi Arabia, Kentucky, Afghanistan, and Thailand; just as in his first novel, The Verse of the Sword.

A Novel of Art, Crime, Love & Diplomacy

by David Siefkin

For the U.S. consul general in St. Petersburg, a visiting art exhibit is the perfect, if somewhat routine, diplomatic mission. But on the eve of the opening, he learns that the featured paintings may not be authentic, a revelation that destabilizes not just his diplomatic purpose, but ultimately his whole life as he is forced into action and high adventure to uncover the truth and resolve the issue without damaging important relationships, international or personal.

DAVID SIEFKIN is a career diplomat who has served in Brussels, Washington, Yervan, Sofia, Paris, and St. Petersburg. He is currently the Press Attache at the American Embassy in Moscow. Before joining the Foreign Service he wrote the original script for the popular computer game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

by RJ Huddy

Harrison Bacon, an ornithologist whose fantasies of personal flight are never far from mind, has been badly injured in a boating accident and is temporarily grounded. His recovery comes with many unusual twists. He's fallen for a nurse, but his career takes him to North Africa, where a university job puts him in the middle of a revolution that threatens to overthrow every relationship he has.

RJ HUDDY is a Kentucky-born American who has lived and worked most of his life in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This is his first novel.